Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Career change

I was asked yesterday, where do I see myself in the next 3 years, what exactly interests me in programming, and in what areas i would like to grow. Now the first 5 seconds where like wth! i have no ffs clue. I haven't thought that far away into the future, i am still trying to get from today till tomorrow. Then anger. Why haven' t i thought about it before, i should have see this coming. In the end i told " Well I would like to write a book", after that i mentally slapped myself , then returning to programming i mumbled something about design and architecture.

The truth is I don't know exactly what i want to do , and it is frustrating, programming is not what i have imagined when i joined ; just like the soldiers join the army because of nice publicity and after that they realize it is not as it was advertised. I want to do exciting stuff, but most of all i want to create something , anything. Just messing around with code and improvements do not qualify as "creation". But maybe i want too much ... i mean ... i am too picky and should content myself with what i have. the annoying "what if .." won't leave my head thou. I hate my inner me mocking everything i do.

As for the book, yes i would like to write a book, but i always have the impression that no matter what subject i choose it either end up that someone else has written about it ... or that my story inevitably goes to a Sandra Brown mushy mushy kind of story path ... damn those mangas i have been reading all these years ... I miss my writing ideas from when i was in high school, those stories seemed way better then the ones i have now...

But enough complaining... j has decided to have a career change, something that involves photos and photoshop.. i was thinking about web design , but i have no idea how to show him where to start. maybe you people have some ideas.

Have fun and see ya tomorrow.

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