Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Daily makeup in the train

I wanted many times to talk about this "putting makeup" in the train thing. I generally do not care what other people do in the train. People are free to do as they please but ..still sometimes their behavior amazes me. So here i was sitting in my chair, looking out the window, not paying attention. For about 10 minutes nothing out of the ordinary happens. The 2 girls in front read their morning paper, zip their coffee (did i mention i hate coffee? ).
Anyway at one point, a blond (i mean she really was blond) opens her bag, and takes out all these kind of makeup instruments i never even heard of.. My first impression was like uhm, well the girl probably needs to get pretty and stuff, this won't take long. I was obviously wrong. It did take up to 15 minutes the entire process, and at the end the only question remains why of why do you need dark eyeliner and heavy dark lashes when you are a blond with blue eyes... Doesn't she know she looks like a creature with big big eyes and sticks instead of eyelashes, strange yellow/orange color on here face! Monster unleashed! Where is her sense of style? and why is she doing it in the train? Maybe her parents don't let her put on makeup, and with good reason, she had no clue whatsoever.

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O Umbră said...

yay! cineva a reuşit să-şi activeze comentariile!

..acuma trebuie doar să te mai apuci şi de scris! Eu aştept!