Thursday, June 3, 2010

Weird dreams

Latelly i've been having weird dreams, each one could easily be the starters for a very nice SF book. Let me tell you the nice ideas in the last one.

It starts very borring: Me and J in our house in U are recieving a visit from and old school coleague of mine MS. (Notice i do not use real names, that is because it could be a book as any other). So we are letting him in, and he had some heavy luggage and also a nice doggie hidden in a kitty cage(why i do not know yet). So while showing him the house and the place where he will sleep and also introducing him to my mom and grandma(this is the weird part what where they doing in my house in the first place?) we heard some comotion outside.

We go to the big window in the living room, and we see one big asteroid hitting a near by building. Some more asteroids comming down to earth(pretty much like the asteroid comming from time to time in honour hold). Some army jets performing emergency landing on the airstrip just outside our house(very convenient that it was there between blocks of flats!). OFC everyone got scared... except my ex coleague, who rummages inside his backpack produces some weird old instruments (like the ones used in the golden compas) starts calculating something and then he says "I know what to do and how to defeat the aliens!" (Bear with me, this is a dream so in a dream you realize pretty quick that it is tze aliens fault). The next thing we see a newz announcements that the aliens choose Europe as their headquarters, killed milions of people and are setteling in.

The next thing we are underwatter, with loads of people, living there (strange), because we all followed my coleague who knew how to get metal and corn(eah corn!) out of the bottom of the ocean. So we all where working on the bottom of the ocean to get this kind of powder(out of wich metal and corn was made of) and we decided that we are going to build space ships to constantly attack tze aliens. (i have not seen the aliens until now ... i just knew they where aliens.)

The action switches automagically after 30 years of war, we have managed to win back portions of our planet but we are still working underwatter, but now we have kids that are grown up(and me had a beard ... funneh). There are some not nice arguments with the kids because nowdays we where exploited to work in these underwatter mines(we can go on with the psicological stuff here and the fact that we have been eating corn for the past 30 years ...borring) and then we come back to the surface. Some fancy planes are flying arround trying to kick any asteriod that dares to crash on earth, and we chase some alien vehicule through the streets of our town.

Tze end..

SO tell me isn't it true that this story would make for a nice book :)

The Princess of Darkness

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O Umbră said...

woah missy! you should lay off the corn....what are they doing to you there?!