Sunday, October 17, 2010

What would I be remembered by?

I was doing an retrospective last week and instead of thinking only about last work-week i got into thinking about the last years ever since i graduated. I remeber that i my goals where pretty clear back then. Have my own software company, be as rich as Mr. Gates create and inovate stuff that people will use for many years to come and so i thought that by having these goals i will become a creator just like our heveanly creator.
Now I realize these goals where not smart goals, because i did not explain the WHEN, HOW, WHERE and i cannot measure their progress... So i was doomed from the moment i set them. Not only i got depressed by not completing them, and i still in the same spot i was 4 years ago. Basically clueless.

And i would love to change things, and i do make myself tasks and put em on the board, but that is pointless too, since i haven't yet learned to manage my time. I still make primisses in good faith but do not keep them, because i shift and reprioritize too often. It is oki in a sense to always retrospect at the end of every week and see if you are on track with what you have commited during that week, but at a personal level, i should retrospect also and see what progress i have made to my long running goals.

But of course, first things first, set up some smart goals, someting that i can reach but still remain a chalange, and also something that i can track as a progress...

Loads of stuff to write but ... too much of dwelling in the past makes me more depressed.

PS: seems that i have a habit of writing here only every 4 or so months... there are ofc resons for this .. but no excuse for my behaviour.

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O Umbră said...

aww, come on missy!
I guess it matters who do you want to remember you: the world or the people around you. If it matters I'll always keep you in my heart as a good friend and a person to look up to.
Maybe you cannot see the forest because there are so many trees around you, but you've achieved a lot and I'm sure I am not the only one who thinks this.
Maybe the people you'd like to hear this from don't say it to you or you yourself feel you haven't achieved the standards you've set for yourself but...there are so many but(t)'s! (he he I made a funny)
Hope you'll find the time to share your thoughts..I'll always be happy to hear them.
Kisses & Hugs

P.S. You know, you can always make a baby and make him/her be whatever you wanted to be and couldn't! I heard that's the way it goes...