Monday, December 27, 2010

5 mei liberation day

Each year in Holland we celebrate the liberation day, in dutch that would be "Bevrijdingsdag", that represents the end of second world war. What does that mean from a historical point of view?
Have a look here.

What does it mean for the likes of us? Party!!! Each year on this day, on every major city there is a small festival, and a lot of famous dutch musicians and artists come and play for each city. they travel from town to town by helicopter or bus, do their thing and then go to the next.

For the people who are just there for the party all that is left is get drunk and sing along.
The only thing that i could have done better, was to bring my own sitting blanket. The earth was too wet and after 5 hours standing yo desperately need to sit down.

This year festival in Utrecht was held at our dearest park. And we attended. Here is a glimpse of what it was like.

  • Junkie XL for the opening act.
  • there where two stages, one opposite to the other. Two bands in the same time. Amazing there was this spot in the middle where you could hear both but they did not interfere for too long.
  • Nicely organized with loads of booze and things to eat.
  • Nice music, excellent weather and peace for all people was the message.

I wait for next year festival and we can see who is going to play.

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