Sunday, December 26, 2010

Another day in the park

One of the exciting things that happens in the park is the launching of balloons. This activity does take a lot of time but it pays of i guess, for the people who are not afraid of heights.
  • Questions, questions .. are they going to make it? is it going to lift off?
  • Aha! They almost got it!
  • Liftoff!

One day when I grow up and leave all my fears behind I will be join them for a ride.


Caisa said...

Și noi vroiam să zburăm cu unul în Stockholm dar pe lângă faptul că era destul de scump nu era nimic sigur - depindea foarte mult de condițiile meteo.

But I think it's definitely worth trying!

Unknown said...

Yep you are right, sometimes they do not have liftoff because of heavy winds and stuff. In here the range is about 100-120 euro's per person for one ride.