Sunday, December 26, 2010

A day in the park

We have a beautiful park quite close to our home. It is convenient to go for a walk or with our bikes. It is quite big also, it has a lake in the middle and a huge open space for the festivals that sometimes take place.
It has a little zoo with all kinds farm animals, my favorite being the bunnies. It is worth mentioning that i think Holland is the land of the bunnies, you can find them anywhere roaming free, and it is nice to spot them from the train every time i go to work.

  • The light was just perfect.
  • Very relaxing to stay in the shadow of the trees. if you ever come here do not forget to bring some foodies for the ducks. They can become very noisy if they do not receive tribute.
  • Loads of flowers can be found but i like most of all the roses family.

It is amazing how quiet it is in the park even if it is in the middle in a very busy part of the town. Nature at it's best.

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