Monday, December 27, 2010

The dolfinarium

It was in the middle of the week, a Wednesday. Beautiful summer day, not too cold , not too warm. I thought i would not waste this day by going to work. So i took my hubby and we went to the dolfinarium.

Nice place to visit, it will take you about one day to see all so do come in early. They have all varieties of sea creatures, most of the big ones like dolphins, sea lions, sea dogs and walruses are trained to give super duper representations.
They also have an sea theater where actors and dolphins have a nice half an hour play. The dolphins are good actors. As for the sea catfish, there is a pool where you can also touch them as they pass by. they are not shy at all.

Tips & tricks :
- walking shoes are a must.
- as anywhere in Holland the weather is unpredictable (best to take an umbrella and water resistant clothes.)
- there is a restaurant in the middle, but best to be prepared with sandwiches and water.
- a lot of birds circle the restaurant so if you eat keep your food close by or you will bet robbed.
- buy a map at the entrance, it will help you make the best decisions and tell you the hours when the representations are held.

Here is a glimpse of that day :
  • Nasty walruses spray everyone with water. Why? Because they can :)
  • Some kids got VIP treatment, they got to sit close to the animals, but also got nasty wet surprises.
  • Sea dogs playing with water and making us very wet in the process.
Maybe in some future posts i will show you more animals, but for now this is what i could scavenge.

More information you can find on their site:

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