Thursday, December 30, 2010

Efteling part 1

I kept postponing this post for a few days now. I guess it is time to tackle this.
Oh do not get me wrong this is not because I hate writing about it, the only reason is that I love it so much and I have so many pictures that it is difficult to decide what to share and what to leave to your imagination.

Lets start by explaining what the Efteling is. For that i will quote form Wikipedia:
Efteling is the largest theme park in the Netherlands, and as it opened in 1952, it is one of the oldest theme parks in the world
The rest of the story you can find at:

I do not intend to share the story with you, there are more specialized sites for that. What I want to do is to give you a few trips and tricks to make your experience more enjoyable and to share some of my fun moments.

First thing is to research about how to get there, where it is and what are the opening times. On their site you can find this information (please research before, easy to get lost) Traveling Information

Tips & Tricks:
  • Buy a map at the entrance or print one yourself. An interactive map can be found here Interactive Map
  • Because the place is so big, it will be difficult to see everything in one day, best thing is to go in the summer period because the opening times are bigger (from 10AM till 9 PM)
  • Plan a route, take walking shoes
  • You are going to walk a lot, have water with you and sandwiches (or whatever food you might enjoy)
  • There are catering areas inside if you forget some of the above.
  • The toilet are remarkable very clean so thumbs up for that
  • Since dutch weather is unpredictable you should pack a rain coat and an umbrella
  • The lines for the attractions are moving quite fast so do not worry even if you see a big one.
  • enjoy and make loads of pictures.

Have fun people, i will post some more about some different attractions.

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