Thursday, December 30, 2010

Efteling part 2

The first places you can visit are the one located in the "Alternative Realm".

  • The "Fata Morgana" think of Scheherazade and the 1000 nights. Will not divulge more you have to go by yourself. Interesting thing is that every place has it's own scent, that you can also buy for your home at the many souvenir shops located just at the end of every attraction.
  • the "Efteling theatre"
  • He eats paper and thanks you for it.
  • More places would the the Piranhas, and Aztec inspired place, make sure it is a warm day when you go in, you will get wet.
  • The panda dream, and 3D movie experience that touches the physical realm also.
  • Scary roller coaster (did not go on it, i am scared of these things.)

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