Monday, December 27, 2010

Escapade in Amsterdam

Sometimes it is nice to just visit another town, so we usually go to Amsterdam. There are of course a lot of places to go when you are there. Most of the time we like to take a boat trip and then have a nice walk around the shopping streets.

  • Oh yes! This boat has an owner so buzz of... for sure it is not abandoned.
  • I am scared of bridges and this picture does not help to soothe my fears of them collapsing.
  • Very important tower. Forgot the name as always not paying attention to the guide.
  • Floating Chinese restaurant. I have to vouch for it, i have eaten the best food in here ( especially the duck..did i mention i like duck?)
  • Floating boat museum! Nice reconstruction of an sail boat. you can also stroll inside and see how people in that time used to live on the vessel.
  • The Dam square, with the queen's castle and other interesting thingies. Like a very expensive hotel, the wax museum, and monument to fallen war heroes.
  • For all the Batman fans! He was there in the flesh! Fighting for justice and coins!
There is also a nice shop with fantasy items like fairies, dragons and silver things.. But i cannot find a picture right now.

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