Monday, December 27, 2010

Family day

Every year we have a family day, in which we gather together at some place and we do fun activities. I do not have the pictures form this year close by. All i can tell you is that we went to a farm, meet some animals, i touched a horse for the first time, that was scary. After that we went for a nice evening in the company of tasty pancakes.

I do have however pictures from last year's family day. When we could choose between painting and clay working. I chose the clay. And then did some painting also.

  • Clay works from teh family. Mine are the upper corner ones.
  • close up with my wanna be turtle and some flower pendants.
  • We did painting also.
  • Us on the way there.

When i find more recent pictures i will make another post.


O Umbră said...

e funny castronelul cu şoricel pe margine. E pentru o pisică?

And your flowers are pretty too. Le-ai pictat după aia şi le-ai agăţat cu şfoară? They would make a nice hand made wind thingy..

Unknown said...

Yes, indeed the bowl is for a kitty, and I did not know what to do with he flowers. Very good idea with the wind catcher. I will try it.