Monday, December 27, 2010


20 October 2010

Vredenburg Utrecht - venue location

Grinderman concert -

  • Nick Cave, Warren Ellis, Martyn P. Casey & Jim Sclavunos - members of the band

    Thanks to for the nice picture.
  • Opening act : Anna Calvi. Here is her my space profile annacalvi
    Her music is quite interesting, maybe will become popular someday, Jezebel is my favorite track, but the sound people did do her injustice. The sound was so loud, that i had to clamp my hand over my ears. It was really hurting my ears. But as an opening act i guess the sound guys where testing their equipment.
  • Their act awesome:
    quote of my husband on one of their videos on you tube
    53 years old and a f..@#$&@ energybomb, dont die without seeing them live
    Check them out.

I have nothing to say against it, super music, super atmosphere, full of energy.
The only thing is that if you are planning to stand the entire night, get more comfortable shoes then me. At the last 2 songs i was praying that they will finish since i could not stand the pain anymore.

Oh yes one last thing, you need also ear plugs if you plan to stand near the sound system like me, or your ears will hurt also.

(i would say more but at this moment i just want to sleep and i am waiting for the artist impression painting of them to upload on my blog. He is working on it :) )
  • update 28 DEC:
    As promised yesterday here is an artist impression of two of the band members. Enjoy.

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O Umbră said...

yay! music AND art!

Me only knows of and listened to Mr. Cave & The Bad Seeds, I'll have to give this Griderman a listen if you recommend them :)