Monday, December 27, 2010

Henry Rollins- spoken word

So it is end of july 2010, and we had tickets to Henry Rollins spoken work tour. In Amsterdam Paradiso.
It was one of the most entertaining night i have ever had, i learned a lot and laughed until it became to hurtful.

There are no words to describe best this experience. All i can do for you is to give you some glimpses that other people filmed and posted on you tube. (The bottle of water i was talking about is in the movie)

Links from the venue:


Here are some things i remember quite clearly:
- he got really pissed off by some rude people who where in the front row and who got up and left for the toilet like 3-4 times. Lucky us he made good fun of them (in my opinion they deserved much more)
- he had a bottle of water near him but he did not drink anything for 3 hours straight. The reason was that he was afraid we are going to leave the minute he stops looking at us and drinks the water.
- strong commitment and funny stories full of meaning.

Some more pictures:

  • Very serious person
  • Paraiso venue- ex church

I recommend that you buy or watch some of his shows.

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