Monday, December 27, 2010

Keukenhof part 2

Here is a glimpse in this wonderful world that is the best garden walk in i have ever visited:

  • All kinds of tulip species, but also narcissus, hyacinth all very pleasantly planted in intricate patterns
  • Old kind of tulips -- the Marrel-tulip
  • Loads of little streams that go through the garden.
  • A beautiful lake in the middle, full of ducks and swans, but also places to cross over the water,like nice wood planks that float around.

  • A special fountain, water coming our of a bird :)
  • An Asian looking corner of the garden.

  • Also you can find loads of artwork all around, sculptures, buildings, Indian totems and much more.

It is worth visiting this place. I tell you from experience.

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