Thursday, December 30, 2010

ME the person behind the scene

Seems that there is a bug with the picture upload feature in the pages section.
I was thinking you all want to know who I am and how I look like .

Here is an artist impression of me. The rest of the description is on the page "About nemesiana"

So weird hair, that sometimes has a funny pink color, always smiling and always up to no good.


O Umbră said...

cred că te-a desenat foarte bine! garantez că aşa eşti şi în realitate :D

aaaa, îmi place logo-ul foarte mult. te-a cam nimerit cu pânzele de cât de des dai tu pe aici!

tot eu dar mi-e lene să schimb contul said...

găsit o floare care cică se cheamă Nemesia
How cool are you now?