Sunday, December 26, 2010

Moving in our new house

So around this time last year we moved in our new house in Utrecht.
This was an interesting journey and i will never underestimate the amount of stuff you can stash in one room :). I was thinking ..nah we live in just one room, how many things do we really have to move. Well about one full truck. Before we moved in however we had to change the awful colors that the apartment had into something that is more us :).

Here are some pictures of our awesome work:
  • Living room is painted with an hacienda yellow, that looks wonderful under summer sun. Also you notice the green of the hallway(this is more of a spring theme with puppies and flowers welcoming you in our home) and the game room.

  • The game room is painted "Lila" my favorite color. We also have a nice balcony.
  • The next one is the master bedroom all blue and relaxing, on the floor loads of IKEA boxes that was probably later turned into our new bed.
  • Our "piece de resistence" the cold room aka "The atelier"
  • And last but not least some little personal touches for the inner child :). I let you guess who and what they are

And yay this was the first step into our new life in Utrecht.

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