Sunday, December 26, 2010

Panorama views from our cold room

As we found out the skies are different every day. We could even think of writing a novel "The ever changing color of the sky".
Here is a sample of what i am talking about:
  • Very creepy light coming through an opening in the clouds

  • Summer sun setting.
  • Panorama view 180.
PS: i do not have the energy to search now on how to make those pictures bigger or with a zoom in. I promise i will look into it


O Umbră said...

oh missy! the view is gorgeous! the last picture is really amazing: the colours are so beautiful! You are very lucky :)

(no need to make the photos bigger, it would ruin the layout. I just clicked on the photo and got it full size)

Unknown said...

I guess i can make some weekly post about the ever changing skies. I have tens of pictures on different colors :). They need a little bit of Photoshopping to make them clear tho. I still need to improve on my picture taking skills.

O Umbră said...

IV asked what camera do you use, so: what camera do you use?

Unknown said...

It's a Canon of the pink variant.

Very nice, wide screen, good zoom. For the panorama i used a tripod, i did multiple photos and them stuck them with a piece of software that is called..hmm.. "Auto Stitch" and voila the panorama view :P