Monday, December 27, 2010


Sometime, this summer, on a non so summer day, cloudy and cold, we decided to visit the seaside. We went for Scheveningen in Den Haag. Why did we choose for this, no other reason then we never been there before. The trip to there happened with no noticeable incidents.
The first thing to attempt there was a stroll on the beach. Being cold and windy we froze our buts but it was worth it, because of the many sand sculptures that we could admire.
  • Lazy at the beach
  • Water sports and fighting the big waves.
  • Water skiing and having fun
  • Swimming for professionals

After the nice walk we went to the pier, There is a place there where you can do bungee jumping. And there are people crazy enough to try this in that awful weather.
  • Bungee jumping with boiling water underneath.
  • The pier( i hear that they are going to tear it down because it looks ugly).

After this we visited a little aquarium close to the beach. Very nice displays and friendly sea creatures (except the piranhas..they are always looking hungry). You also have an area where the fishes swim above you, like a smaller version of the famous Japanese aquarium.

  • The most unhappy sea horses ever. When i pointed this out to the keeper there, he just gave a nervous laugh.. i know he was hiding something, like the reason for those creatures to look so sad.

After the busy day, we chose one of the many sushi restaurant available. It was cheap and the food great. It's one of those eat all you can types. The trick here is to order only what you know you will eat otherwise you pay extra if something gets left in the plate.

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O Umbră said...

ohohohooo..I think sad mister seahorse is sad because it knows it will end up on a plate on one of those sushi restaurants :D

tempura sea horse! nom nom