Sunday, December 26, 2010

Thumbs down to taxi drivers in Utrecht

One cold night of December almost an year ago, coming from the Airport after 10 hours of delays because of snow we where confronted with the most "chicken like" people ever.
Imagine this, 2 AM, wanting to go home, and no ffs taxi wants to take you there's only 6 km. The reason? 5 cm of snow. I must ask myself why the hell where you waiting at the train station if you where not going to pick up anyone stupid people. And for such little snow?
The point is every time it snows Holland get into this panic and everything stops :
public transport, trains, taxi. No one can drive anywhere hundreds of people stranded just because of chicken people here.

I have to give them the thumbs down and tell them they are a disgrace to all of taxi drivers everywhere for not being prepared. At least in Romania we had a taxi although the quantity of snow was much more and you would expect worse situation.

  • Snow in my hometown. Ooops! I think my car was somewhere around!

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