Monday, December 27, 2010

Why i walked for 1 hour in the rain

Coming happy one day from work, thinking so now, 10 minutes with the tram and i am at home, with food on my plate, warm and cozy, you know stuff that normal people dream about.

Well it was just not my lucky day. After waiting half an hour for the tram, and another 15 minutes for the bus, i find out that there is no public transport going in my part of town. For reasons no one want to speak about.

Knowing my last experience with the damn taxi drivers, i could not step on my own pride and take one. So I decided that i can just walk home. In the heavy rain, no umbrella or cover whatsoever.

After what seemed like an eternity, I got near my house only to find out the real reason for the public transport being shut down.

Apparently on of the drivers ignored a red light and decided to go ahead anyway. The results speak for themselves. So please ladies and gents that are out there driving, look out for f.. signs and obey the rules.. they are there for a reason!

Or else you will get me extremely angry. And i can tell you it's not a pretty sight all wet and pissed off.

1 comment:

O Umbră said...

you should have taken a taxi! It's the healthiest choice :)

and next time listen to your own advice and pack an umbrella or a raincoat missy!

Even evil people need to stay dry and happy