Sunday, December 26, 2010

Why move to Utrecht

I suppose everyone is wondering why did we move and why did we choose Utrecht?
First and most important we did make a promise that whenever we finish going to all restaurants in a city we are going to move to another one. So stands to reason that when this happened with our last place we looked for a new place. Because we do not want to move every year we chose a big city. This will buy us at least a few years.

Utrecht was an big city with loads of things to do and places to have fun.
Here is a glimpse of that:
  • We had a duck for dinner.
  • We still have a lot of restaurants to visit (need to be careful not to drink too much .. i heard the water is cold)

So far we visited only a few places like a nice Argentinian, a pancake house, the Griek restaurant and a Japanese. For now it takes too much effort to remember exactly which one was the best. Maybe another day.


O Umbră said...

it is such a cool idea the one with the restaurants. Much better than getting bored of the city.

You should write a review for each restaurant you go to: what you had, how are the prices, why one should go there...
and make it a regular thing on the blog.
It could help add posts when you're uninspired + I'm really curious about food experiences there

Unknown said...

Yes posts will follow.. i am just too tired now. Point taken is to write about it every time i go there so that the experience is still fresh :)
We had some good impressions and some bad ones also.