Monday, December 27, 2010

Zandvoort aan de zee

We decided one weekend this summer to visit again the seaside. Because it was multiple days we settled for "Zandvoort aan de zee" a beautiful touristic town.
We found quite acceptable prices for a room.

You can visit

With the roof over our heads covered we headed for the beach. But as a short summary you can find some other attractions there like the dunes, shopping, nice food.It is a place frequented by German tourists.

Here is a glimpse of our very lazy week end there:
  • Dozing off in the sun. It was not warm enough to actually strip off.
  • Testing the water. We did not have wet suits so we only entered till our knees.
  • Enjoy the nice weather and have a walk.

There are quite affordable places to eat there. And to rent a chair for the beach is only 12-euro per day. Most noticeable is the pancake house with pirates inside :).

For more information you can also visit their site at

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