Monday, December 27, 2010

The Zoo in Emmen part 1

We like to visit this zoo that is not your usual cup of coffee. It is not close by the famous Randstad triangle (Utrecht, Amsterdam, Rotterdam) but worth visiting. The zoo is situated quite in the middle of the city. It has 2 parts one old and the new part that they are expanding every year. To travel between those parts you cross one high bridge that goes atop of the city. To visit the entire zoo you would need more then 1 day so maybe you need to decide form the beginning which part you want to visit most.

There is a part that is in the beginning of the old area which consists of an anthropology museum quite big, an geology area and the Butterfly room. The most impressive of these is the Butterfly room, a walk in area with butterflies, yes you can even touch them and they fly all around you, countless species and stuff.

- butterflies before they are nice and pretty.

Tips & tricks
for this area:
- it can be very warm inside so if you wear glasses they will become foggy.
- there are air blowers near the wall that you can blast your glasses and camera lenses so they become usable again.
- the butterflies are there even if you do not see them at first. So look for them on the flowers of the leaves.
- and do not get scared if they fly near you , they are quite harmless.

The other important part is the zoo itself, that contains areas with animals presented in their natural habitat. For some those areas are outside, for some tropical species inside buildings because they required different light and different temperature conditions. The is also an aquarium, very impressive.

Tips & tricks
- shoes for walking are a must, you will walk a lot.
- the weather can be very unpredictable so bring in an umbrella, and maybe a jacket for the rain.
- there are maps at the entrance do not forget to buy one.
- there is a restaurant inside the compound, sort of choose what you want out of the line :).
- very useful to have your own bottled water with you.
- try to find out when the sea lions artistic representations are, they are very nice.

Have fun if you go there. It will be an awesome experience.

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