Monday, December 27, 2010

The zoo in Emmen part 2

This is to share some of my experience in this zoo and funny moments:

  • You can walk between the penguins. Very funny experience. They are playful animals. And you an just see them up close end even touch them. But i do not recommend the last part, they can bite also and be aggressive if you look threatening.
  • The meerkats and their keeper.
  • The "Do not disturb" bear
  • The "I got disturbed" bear
  • We are the pink birds and we do not care. If you wonder why they do not fly away, it's because some important big feathers that contribute to flying are cut off.
  • The linx proud kitty.
  • The sea lion taking a much needed break.
  • The elephants being funneh.
  • The all-knowing and bored owl.

1 comment:

O Umbră said...

the lynx looks so cute, just like a sitting duck!
and that huge black nose makes it look so silly and huggable! I would squeeze and tease and kiss it all day long (or until it claws my face off and bites my jugular)