Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Oau my first post on this year. I am happy to share this one with you. It was a special nigt as always. Loads of fireworks and booze. Lucky me with the wonders of technology, i managed to be part of my family New Year celebrations through Skype. Unfortunatelly the phone companies predictable as ever went down like 2 hours before 12.

Seems other sites have load problems aswell. Blogger decided not to have it's spell check working tonight. I apologize for any errors in this text. Facebook also had a moment of ... ops i did it again and served some blank pages.

What other things come to mind on this begining of new year. Hmm, almost everyone posted "Happy new year " on facebook from their iPhone I guess it's time i buy one myself. Want to say LMA to my good friends Natafletul si Poznasul (too tired to changeto romanian keyboard sry). This year is going to rock and I will succed in everything no room for compromises , i give loads of kisses to my husband and hugs too... and something else... I love this Earth I love almost everyone that lives here to Hell with everyone who want to destroy this place, I will fight for it with everything o got.

I remebered what my parents used to say when i was small and wondering why so much noise and fireworks on New Years day. It's because we want to drive the Old Year away from us and frighten him, and in the same time welcome the New Year.
  • From our balcony we had quite a spectacle
  • The details and colours where fantastic

  • At the end they started getting closer to my balcony
  • Looks like Avatar in 3D
  • Just a few meters from us, getting really noisy.
  • This is the time when you start thinking it was not such a good idea to stand on the balcony

  • This is where i ran inside, got to scary for my own confort.

I hope you enjoyed your evening as much as we did, with great food and booze, some good movies or maybe a party.

See you all in the New Year with triple the energy and lots of love.

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Natafletzul said...

La Mulţi Ani şi ţie Prinţesă! şi Prinţului tău desigur!
Să faci numai rele anul ăsta şi să-i pui la punct pe toţi :)