Sunday, January 16, 2011

My favourite books last year

This is not to spoil the fun out of anyone, I will not say anything to give away the plot(not entireley) I might link to a wiki page where you can read some more. There where a few books I like to remember from last year.

The way I judge a book is by:
  • Number of laughs i can get in an evening
  • How unpredictable the story is
  • If it goes well with the songs I listen to
  • Since they are mostly fantasy/ Sci Fi how original the world is.
Last one, i do not have much time so I prefer books i can read fast and that kickstart my adrenaline( that is action or you know..kinky stuff).

Oki now lets start with last place in favourites:
  • Brian Herbert + J. Anderson with of all the prequels and sequels of DUNE. Easy to read, sometimes too easy, lots of laughs pretty exciting sometimes, explains more in detail thing you always wondered about in DUNE. Not so good that it explains too much in details and does not leave the reader to imagine things by himself. Too predictable for my taste. I like it when i do not know the culprit until the last page.
  • Linea Sinclair with "GABRIEL'S GHOST" and the sequel "SHADES OF DARK" - Sci fi romance, verry funny especially the first one. Exciting, quite original, the second one finishes totaly unexpected. Official Site
  • Jacqueline Carey with Kushiel's Legacy (i only read the first 6, the other are too new did not get my hands on them). Now these are some books that are not for the weak of the heart and mind. You get introduced into an original world, new religion and verry different culture. You will love this if you have no prejudice in different love practices :P, and have your boyfriend, girlfriend near by whenever the urge to experiment is too great. Anyway it is not predictable, quite interesting sort of espionage and court politics. WIKi INFO
  • Make me want a tatoo like the heroine in the book :)
    kushiel's avatar by ~flamebreeze22 on deviantART
  • The second best book, is Stephanie Meyer with "The Host". I read this one twice. Realy enjoyed it, and cried at the same part... twice. Beautiful love story and SciFi stuff there. Her "Twilight" serie was acceptable also, the second book i liked the most. The movies really do not make her jsutice, the books are great. I just hope that if they make a movie out of "The Host" she will chose only a good director, and not the crappy ones she had for the other 2 movies.
  • My favourite of the favourites is Anne Bishop and the Black Jwels trilogy it used to be, now more books surfaced, different charaters and time). The plot is tick. It will take time to get used with the 3 diferent worlds. I suggest you read a bit on wiki about what the jwels are and what are the 3 worlds. It is unpredictable, funny, original and makes you day dream. I totally recomend it. It is a must in anyone's collection.
  • All i can think about is black, more black, and spider webs and Black jwels.
    The Sadist by ~oshirigaitai on deviantART
PS: i am looking into a tatoo and black jwels. And daydreaming :P.


O Umbră said...

me hasn't read so much last year, it's something I should definitely improve!

Îmi amintesc că acum mult timp am citit ceva ce se numea Dune 7 - Casa Brundurilor (ceva cu o lume deșert de gheață în loc de nisip) și se vroia continuarea la ce scrisese Herbert. Needles to say, a fost un mare caca și o mare dezamăgire și acum google îmi spune că a fost și o mare făcătură. Oricum, de atunci nu am mai urmărit nimic din ce se vroia sequel pentru că nu vroiam să fiu dezamagită iară. Dacă mătăluță zici că merită I shall give it a try!

Same goes for the others, I'll look for them, dar parcă am câteva rețineri în ce o privește pe Meyer :P

Unknown said...

So "Sandworms of Dune" and "Hunters of Dune" incheie ciclul. Adevarat continuare.

Sunt preludiul "House Atreides" house Harkonen si House Corrino. So astea sunt bune.

Preludiul la preludiu... The butlerian Jhihad, The Machine crusade, The battle of Corrin explica cum a inceput lupta cu masinile, si cine a fost primul Harkonen si primul Atreides si de ce se urau ei. Is oki dar n8u e acelasi still, e mai comerical.

Meyer - hmm The HOST e super. Twilight depinde de gusturile tale. daca nu iti plac lacrimogenele nu o incerca :).

Gabriel's Ghost e super. cartea a doua se termina total neasteptat...

Black Jwels ... cea mai tare... dar stii ca mie imi plac chestiile mai ciudate si care nu le intelegi din prima.