Saturday, January 15, 2011

Wish list for Facebook

Although Facebook is great for social networking and browsing through other peoples pictures, there are a few imporvements i would like to have.

It is verry annoying that I need to Google "How to remove a Facebook contact from my account". This remove button should be verry visible so I can just click and go. Yes, there are people I made the mistake of allowing them join my happy network. Since I realize this should be a family and close friends affair I think I would require a "Bulk Delete option".

Second, I want some "reasons to kick someone" like "really sorry, I don't feel the same way about you", "not so sorry, but we are not best buds", "So long sucker".

Third a really cool feature would be "Invite to the IGNORED LIST". Yes, i have some people I would like to invite in this list, to remind me every day why I hate them and despise them so much. Also I would like them to know that also. Some reasons for hate might be handy, like in a select box.

PS: To the people who did not answer my request for an invite. I do not like you either. Stop being a prick and accept I am better then you. There can be only one Princess of Darkness. (I do not care that you finished at Harvard and suck)


O Umbră said...

:D you so funny! Mda, e păcat că nu există un sistem de notificare pt "cel șters" ca să știe și persoana respectivă că e nașpa.
Am înțeles că mai nou Yahoo Messenger are - mi-a povestit Mircea că l-a șters pe Junkie din listă și ăla i-a dat imediat mesaj cu de ce? cum? de ce? :)

Unknown said...

lol.. si eu am dat delete la aceasi persoana ... dar l-am pus is pe ignore... just in case.