Sunday, May 22, 2011

At work

I realized i have not touched the work subject, and i am not going to in detail, but I wanted to share with you some funny things that happened since the beginning of the year.

First we launched a new product that we codenamed SuperMario :). On the launch day we had a nice party with great food, in true SM style.

First food in cans, and small treats, pizza, cheese and fish. Sorry for the fuzzy pictures, but i was so hungry that my hand was shaking.

And now, La piece de resistence :), meat on nails :P :

I take this opportunity to show how nerdy we where the night before when we stayed at work to put the project live.

And this next picture is form a previous project that went live, and again we had spare time on our hands. Here are the work invaders:

While at the party none of the dev's where working, only the fronted decided to eat at their desks, as illustrated on our scrum board.

This was a glimpse of a day at my work :p. exciting things happen all the time. It is hard to keep a diet also, because we get treats almost every week.


O Umbră said...

geeks! :))
the food looks interesting and the post-it's artwork is cool.
Sper că aţi avut task şi timp alocat pentru realizarea lor :P

Unknown said...

dap , aveam alocate vreo ora si ceva pentru stat degeaba :P haha