Sunday, May 22, 2011

Los Argentinos

We keep coming back to this nice place (it's the good food i am sure). Situated strategically on the channels in Utrecht, this is a nice place to find Argentinian food. Well what can i say, i come here for the mixed grill or the "pincho mixta".

  • The menu:
  • The entrance:
  • Mixed grill:

  • Pancho mixta:

  • Ice cream with ananas:
  • Home made tiramisu:

PS: this writing seems a bit forced today, I'll stop now i do not seem to do a very good job on it. Maybe another day another time.

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O Umbră said...

ai ai ai! mâncareeee! Mia-mi place postul tău, mai ales poooozele. Îngheţată cu NaNaNas..mmmm... (^_^)