Sunday, May 22, 2011

A sand storm

Somewhere in February, we decided to have a little trip to the beach. I really missed the sea and the waves so what better place to go then Scheveningen.

We did not expect however to arrive in the middle of a sand storm. Since we are fearless and a bit crazy, we ventured on the beach and actually touched the water. Here are a few pictures of the extreme conditions we encountered.

  • The Sand did get everywhere :
  • Some brave people like us:
  • It is time to go:

A few things to note there was a girl who stripped and went into the water, that was interesting to see. For several reasons i will not post a picture here.
And the sand really got everywhere... eyes, mouth, ears..panties. Not a pleasant thing.

After this little walk on the beach we decided to go eat somewhere, and the restaurant of choice was a sushi bar all you can eat style. Now it gets weird. This place is huge, probably can get up to 100 customers inside. But, even thou the place was empty, we where told all tables are reserved upon, and also scolded for the fact that we did not call before.

Now what kind of behavior is that dude... it is a tourist area, it's was like in the spur of the moment ..oh lets go there. What kind of restaurant reserves all the tables. Now my first reaction was .. fuck you :). I am never coming here and i will make it my business to tell everyone i know not to come there.

We ended up eating in a very nice Thai restaurant in our home town Utrecht.

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