Sunday, May 22, 2011

The steak- house in Utrecht

In our quest to go into all restaurant in Utrecht, we come across one of our favorite places,
The American steak-house. This is like a meat bonanza. Juicy and yummy meats.

The inside looks like a dungeon, and the chairs are dressed in denim scraps, true American style.
The outside looks like this:
Location Utrecht, the canals.

Our favorite courses are the spare ribs, and the mixed grill. As you can see we devoured everything in sight.

This quite is what prompted us to take some desert also, i tried the chocolate cheese cake, yum yum.

Now there is another reason we like to go there. And that is to see our favorite kitty, and play a bit with her. Her name is Eefje.

And sometimes likes to eat directly from your plate.

Usually the service is good and prompt, however one time when it was full, we had to wait for our desert 30 minutes. Maybe they should just hire more people. One girl was responsible for like 30 people in our corner.

Anyway a great place to visit.

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O Umbră said...

1) kitty!
2) cheesecake!
3) meat!
pe mine m-ai convins, it's purrfection!