Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Thai restaurant

So, after the adventure on the beach, and failed attempt to eat in Scheveningen, we chose a nice Thai restaurant situated on the canals in Utrecht.

A few things to note, if you ever want to eat here:
  • Everything is affordable, prices are low. We ordered the menu for 2 and we had to pay around 20 euro's a person.
  • The staff is very friendly and come to help you or change drink even if you do not ask.
  • The food is very spicy, but heh, what would you expect from a Thai place. The menu consists of various veggies and meats, as well as nice noodles and rice. We could not finish all, too full bellies.
  • The only negative thing i have for them, they should wash the table cloth more often. They where a bit stained.

All in all a nice experience. If you want to spot easily the entrance here are some nice pictures for it.

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