Sunday, June 26, 2011

Amsterdam on easter day part 1

Hey again
Traveling back in time we come to 25 April, Monday, easter day. Me and J where thinking, everyone will be at home celebrating and stuff, so this is our chance to see the Van Gogh museum. So we woke up early, took the train to Amsterdam, and there we where. What we saw was nothing we where prepared for. A huge crowd gathered in front of the museum. Waiting time probably 4 hours. I guess we where not the only ones with the great idea that none will be there on easter Monday.

So after the "Oh bummer!!" moment we decided to go to the Rijks museum nearby because there was a smaller waiting line. So we got a chance to see a lot of Rembrandt's paintings including the famous "Night watch" (wow this one is worth seeing, looks like the painting is alive!!) and Jan Steen and lots of others. you can have a look at the collection on the museum site.

Because we where not allowed to take pictures inside, let me give you some links from Google art project so you can experience some of my favorites.

We did take some pictures of the garden outside, while waiting to get inside.
  • The wanna be fountain.

  • The cute and sensitive lion.
  • The Rijks Museum.
  • Some lovely tulips.

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O Umbră said...

me likes The Daydreamer: she has apricots there, man! Apricots! x 1000 coolerrrr :)
and when you wrote Night Watch, Discworld immediately came to mind, only to see something very different he he