Sunday, June 26, 2011

Xmass gifts

I had the pictures ready for a long time but i was too lazy to write about it, and no time.
Anyway, it was xmass and i got loads of presents. So here goes.

  • Loads of books. Mainly because I had a long wish list on Amazon. But also because J is a sweetie. Thanks hun hun.
  • The entire collection of Sookie Stackhouse series, plus all True Blood on DVD.

  • Trueblood DVD's

  • Spirited away English dubbed version.
  • An Bonsai tree from mother my in law. I have to say that it since died. I am not so good to care for it. You need perfect light and temperature. And to give it the exact special amounts of watter. It is an exact science.

  • Some more flowers from my husband J.

  • An iphone4 from my dad. Here is a nice picture of the box it was in. This was more interesting since everyone knows how the phone looks like.

  • And now a series of Momanji dolls and key chains. Funny i got them from different people. J and my good Friend Natafletzul. Ty i just love them.

  • And now the key chains:

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